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Tip #1: Never listen to the band you are about to see on the way to the show Hi all! It’s Cat here to fill your heads with this week’s tip from the road. We

Tip #1: Never listen to the band you are about to see on the way to the show

Hi all! It’s Cat here to fill your heads with this week’s tip from the road.

We have rules when it comes to prepping for and attending shows. While it’s true that in true punk fashion rules are meant to be broken, there are some (like wearing the bands shirt to their show – a future post for later) that shouldn’t. One personal rule for us is to NEVER LISTEN TO THE BAND ON THE WAY TO THE SHOW!!

I know, I know. This is up for debate. You’re so hyped for the show and all you can think about is the band you’re going to see, right? I get it. We all love seeing our favorite bands, but trust me.. listening to them right up to the show does not elevate your experience. Sometimes it sets you up for failure.

Live shows are much different than what’s coming through your speakers. Studio recordings are created in very controlled environments and do not deal with the chaos that is a live music venue. Sound bounces differently, lead singers may not be able to hit higher notes while performing, and the crowd participates. If you’re listening to the band on the way to the show because you’re trying to learn the lyrics, it’s too late. Forget about that and just get excited.

Also…’s bad luck. If you’re not one for superstitions, that’s cool, but why risk it? Maybe you got too drunk and made an ass out of yourself, maybe you got pulled over by the police, or maybe you left your tickets at home. Bree swears that she never hears the one song that she’s dying to hear when she listens to the band in the car. It’s pretty doubtful that the music you listened to en route caused those things to happen, but you can guarantee it wasn’t the reason by just not doing it.

One of the most amusing things that I encountered before a show is people blasting the band outside the venue through their car speakers. This most often happens at festivals or any type of show where people are partying in the lots prior to doors. We are literally moments away from seeing the band. I’m sure if the band heard you belting out their songs in your car while you’re driving to work they’d be flattered.. However, when you’re in the parking lot, pick something else. We all know you like the same band as us. Now it just looks like you’re trying to prove how much you love them compared to everyone else. We aren’t impressed.

Instead, take some time to research the lesser known, but up and coming, opening acts. I personally have gone to countless shows and have neglected to check out that first band beforehand. Then I was totally blown away by their stage presence and sound. Later I always ask myself why the hell I didn’t put in the effort to listen to them before that moment.

Bottom line – don’t risk a bad show because you decided to listen to the band you’re about to see on the way there. With all that said, if the show is over and you’re not ready to let go of that music high, go for it.. Play their music all you want. On the way home. Everyone likes to relive their favorite songs and moments from the night!

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