The Road Less Traveled: World Oddities Expo

A couple weeks ago we hopped state lines and ventured into Baltimore, Maryland for the World Oddities Expo. Our friend, Danielle, learned about this event and it sounded awesome. The name alone had us sold,

A couple weeks ago we hopped state lines and ventured into Baltimore, Maryland for the World Oddities Expo. Our friend, Danielle, learned about this event and it sounded awesome. The name alone had us sold, so we definitely had to check it out and feed Bree’s taxidermy obsession. The three of us plus our other friend, Lesha, took a trip.

The Expo was held at the Lord Baltimore which was quite the perfect hotel to host such a unique event. Built in 1928, this hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has it’s fair share of interesting and haunted history. During the time of the Great Depression, the Lord Baltimore was one of the tallest buildings in the City and also the scene of horrific tragedy, as at least 20 documented deaths happened from people taking a leap from the 19th floor rooftop deck. The hotel is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country and most noted for sightings of a little girl playing in the halls with her red ball. She was also a victim when her parents decided to jump to their deaths and bring her with them. Outside of it’s haunted happenings, the hotel was remodeled back in 2013 and is gorgeous on the inside! Its like taking a walk back in time.

So, what did we see at the World Oddities Expo? Well, we ended up volunteering at the event so we could get free admission and I think between that and only staying for a day really reduced the time we had to check everything out. We spent a lot of time in the ballroom area where they had a ton of great vendors set up. Just look at all of these cool things! Who knew you could use taxidermy to make some of the prettiest fixtures for your home. There was also a room with tattoo artists doing what they do best and showcasing their work.

Besides that, there were various classes & activities you could sign up for, such as taxidermy, owl pellet dissection, insect pinning, and movie showings. There were a ton of things at this expo we didn’t get to explore.

On the night we were there, the event was hosting a 1920’s themed circus speakeasy. We were told the room used actually was a speakeasy during the prohibition, which is really cool! Heeeelllllllo ladies! See our outfits below. Oh and that mask Danielle is wearing, she made it. She is amazing at costumes!

I think the biggest let down of the event for us was the speakeasy. We all had this expectation of it seeming more mysterious with dim lighting and performers to watch. When we walked in, it was practically pitch black so you couldn’t see anyone’s outfits. There was a dance floor, but the music was really loud. The whole atmosphere took us back to what it was like at a high school dance. People seemed to be having fun, but it just wasn’t really our scene. We bailed after five minutes….

Then the shenanigans happened as they typically do when we hang out… Since we weren’t really into the mood of the speakeasy, we decided to hit the town. After all, we spent time on costumes and Bree even did eye makeup! Lucky for us, I looked up this place called the Side Bar and that night was drag show night! Night set, or so we thought. When we arrived, we noticed the walls covered in stickers. See Bree’s pretty face below for show.

Instantly, we knew this was our kind of place except for a few issues… Shoot, there was no drag show and a band was wrapping up a set. Foul on me, because I can’t distinguish dates correctly and the drag show was the next weekend! Okay, not terrible, because at least we ended up at this bar with live music right? NOPE. We arrived at the end of their whole night. It was last call and and only 11 pm, if that even! We stayed for a drink anyway as we tried to decide what to do next. All of these little things should have been signs telling us to go back to the hotel, but nah I decided to ask the bartender where we should go. After all, since he worked there he probably knew of some other bars with bands playing that night. Wrong again. He did not but, he told us about ORPHEUS CLUB! He explained how there was an adult ball pit and that we would love the place. Let me remind you, he told Bree and I that there was a fun, adult-sized ball pit to play in. Of course we were checking this out!!

Man, I bet he had a real good laugh when we left. I don’t know what we did to deserve the prank he played, but let me just tell you that there was indeed an adult ball pit at Orpheus. Again, if you can vision what we thought; It was going to be a pit full a colorful plastic balls to jump in, much like we did as children at every Burger King and McDonald’s. We were stopped upon entry as it was apparent we did not belong. Inside was just half naked men walking around, a furry play area, and a sex positivity room upstairs. We didn’t want to be in that ball pit and Bree got a case of her infamous giggles. There were things in there we did not want to come in contact with.

We left again and ended up finishing the night at a dive bar, called something that nobody remembers. We met an older punk rocker, had some drinks, and headed back to the hotel to order pizza. I passed out immediately after placing the order and Bree and Lesha waited in the lobby for an hour for pizza that never showed.

Overall, the World Oddities Expo was a total hit! We all left there with some really cool pieces to add to our own oddities collections. During the event, there were also performances by burlesque dancers, sideshow acts and suspension, none of which we got to see, but I’m sure it was all pretty awesome! I give the event a 4/5 simply, because I think the organization of the event could be improved and that would help the attendees better understand when and where these cool activities were happening!

I think one of my personal favorite take aways, which I totally forget to mention earlier, was the LIQUID DEATH water we got! As part of our duties volunteering we were asked to hand out these cans of water to all the attendees. Let me just tell you, if you have never seen people walking around with canned water, as it seemed most hadn’t, it looked like everyone in attendance was downing beers and at any moment you could expect it to get real rowdy! But, to everyone’s surprise, we were merely helping them quench their thirst. We sold our souls to Liquid Death that weekend and other things I could have lived without seeing. HA!

Check out World Oddities Facebook and follow them to see where they will be heading next year.

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