In Rear-View: True Fire by Starving Wolves

I briefly listened to the new album by Starving Wolves called True Fire the day that it came out. I enjoyed it, but my musical ADHD took me down another path after that and I

I briefly listened to the new album by Starving Wolves called True Fire the day that it came out. I enjoyed it, but my musical ADHD took me down another path after that and I forgot to revisit it. Then, I had the honor of interviewing David Rodriguez, lead vox for the band, and that reminded me that I needed to give the album a thorough listen.

Based in Austin, TX, the core of Starving Wolves are: the aforementioned frontman, Dave Rodriguez, bassist, Zach Volta, and guitarist, Josh Langford. All are members of the street punk band, Krum Bums. To even out their sound, they are joined by Kevin Nguyen on guitar and Reeve Allen on drums. It’s worth mentioning that the band achieved their lifelong goal and put this album out all on their own. DIY or DIE! The spirit of punk rock at its finest.

Just recently released, True Fire starts out with “One Life.” It’s a quick 60 second song, but it sets the expectations for the remainder of the album. I was playing cards with my little sister, a metal kid, while we listened. By the end of this brief tune, she was like, “Oh shit. Ok. Let’s keep listening.” This doesn’t happen often while we are together….

“Never Touch the Ground” rolls out from there. The combination of the crazy fast tempo and the truculent guitar riffs immediately grabbed me and had me in a trance. Later, I tried to listen to this while I went for a run and I couldn’t keep pace with the song without burning out long before I got home. Best believe that it will be roaring while I kick box next time though.

The emotional punch in the teeth that the band promises is delivered in “Four Walls.” Is it possible for a song to be beautiful, sad, and aggressive all at the same time? Yuuuup, because it’s on this LP. “I’m lost and I’m stuck at sea. Nobody hates me more than me.” While the chorus is super catchy, the verses to this song are moving and are what got to me.

“Get Bit” is hands down my favorite on the album. It gave me a 90’s skate punk vibe and I’m always here for that. On top of the melodic sound coming from the instruments, the guttural scream that Rodriguez delivers in the beginning gave me chills. Check it out.

The opening for “Thrown Away” almost makes you think that the band is going to take a breather for second and offer up a slower paced song. But only for about 15 seconds and then the musical intensity builds back sky high. Again, the lyrics that are roared connected and stuck with me long after the song ended.

True Fire ends just as it started. The finale, “We Are One” is really a battle cry for unity. In such a turbulent time in our history, it is more important than ever for us to stick together and to stick up for those without voices. Regardless of our race, background, or experiences, we are the same. “We are one in opposition with everyone.”

Now, I’m typically a snob when it comes to buying vinyl and I usually go the digital route. That shit gets expense and rarely is there an album that I enjoy in its entirety. This, however, will definitely be one that I will purchase the physical record. Go to their site to buy the album and all of the merch! Then head to their Facebook and IG pages, give them a following to stay up to date on upcoming tours and music. Reach out to them, especially if you are battling substance abuse issues. I can personally say that these dudes truly care about their fanbase and will most likely respond. Thanks for a killer album, guys!!

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