In Rear-View: Catbite’s Self Titled Album

So when I find new music, whether I’m reviewing an album or not, I listen to it 532 times in a row… at least. This means that my entire household also listens to said music

So when I find new music, whether I’m reviewing an album or not, I listen to it 532 times in a row… at least. This means that my entire household also listens to said music the same amount. Normally, I am met with complaints of “Seriously?? This again?!?!,” from my children, but this was not the case when I started spinning the Catbite vinyl that I picked up at Steel City Ska Fest.

I was vaguely familiar with the band before I attended Ska Fest and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. So I was super jazzed to get their album home and to put a real effort into listening to their music. I should mention that I am a total sucker for an old school rock n roll sound and someone pounding on some keys. I got both crammed into 8 songs, along with some reggae vibes, slower jams, and killer vocals.

The Self Titled album starts out with “Come on Baby,” which was the song that I was most familiar with going in. It sets the stage nicely for the remainder of the album and Chris and Ben keep a fun, ska beat that my kiddos love dancing along with. I often blast this when making those very children clean the house.

I bet you dance too!!!

Truthfully, I didn’t pay much attention to the second song on the album at first, but now it’s my favorite. Once I zoned in on the lyrics, “Can”t Give You Love” seriously kicked me in the gut and stole my shoes. Brittany soulfully takes you through the challenges of the heart.

AMPHETAMINE DELIGHT!!!!! This song gave me the old school sound that so many bands aim for, but never quite achieve for me. Tim on that guitar?? It’s like rockabilly and ska had a baby and asked me to be the Godmother.

Told you….

Next up was “Midnight Eyes.” This ditty was a bit grittier than the others so far and I didn’t mind one bit. The intro almost had a Rancid feel to it and the vocals definitely had more sass than the previous tracks. You’ll be singing along with the chorus in no time.

Side B began with “Already Gone” and I got my reggae fix. Once again, Brittany shows off her vocals with this slower song, but this time she’s breathy and softer as she sings about love lost.

“Sneaky Feelings” was up next and OMG! I love this song!!!! It reminded me so much of the 60’s girl groups that I used to listen to with my grandmother. In fact, my Pap stopped by at one point during a session and asked if I was listening to her old records. I’m still dancing as I write this actually.

The tempo picks back up with “As You Will” and revisits that rockabilly/ska sound that I adore. This was probably my least favorite song on the album, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking by any means. I just love some of the others that much.

As all good things, the album had to end and does so with “Scratch Me Up.” Full on ska sound here. This was my younger daughter’s favorite song and she asks to listen to the “Cat Scratch” song often. (She wasn’t pleased when I misunderstood her at first and played “Cat Scratch Fever.”) The finale was just as good as the opener.

Overall, I totally dug this album in it’s entirety and I don’t say such things often. So scratch that itch and check these guys out for yourself!! Like their Facebook page, follow their IG, and then go buy this incredible album right here!!!!

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