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Lucky 33 is a four piece punk band who got their start on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2012 at a bar in Syracuse, New York. Founded by members, Jared Francisco and Kyle Wise, Lucky 33

Lucky 33 is a four piece punk band who got their start on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2012 at a bar in Syracuse, New York. Founded by members, Jared Francisco and Kyle Wise, Lucky 33 has seen a few lineup changes over the years. With Francisco on bass/vocals, and Wise on drums, they are joined by David Leffew on lead guitar and Zac Birdslow on guitar/vocals. Birdslow is the latest addition to the band after losing their singer in 2018. With heavy influences in punk, Lucky 33 gives credit to Descendents, Operation Ivy and several local bands, such as Polar Bear Club, for their unique sound and shaping Lucky 33 into what it is today. 

After putting 4 EPs under their belt, Lucky 33 hit 33 Studios earlier this year to begin recording their very first full length album. With a gritty, pop-punk sound and lyrical content that applies to every day problems, Lucky 33 gives off a sound similar to Guttermouth and Narcoleptic Youth. 

Leffew and Francisco opened 33 Studios in January, along with the help of Chris Besaw of Syracuse Music Collective, to provide a quality place for musicians to record their music for an affordable price. With price ranges from $2,000-$3,000 to professionally record an album, Leffew saw an opportunity and took it. “We wanted to make it to where it was available for bands who don’t have money like that, because we play in punk bands. We don’t make a ton of money. Some of these engineers don’t give a shit about the music and treat it like just another product. We want to change that,” Leffew expressed. The band feels that this album is taking them out of their comfort zone and they are excited about it. “It’s faster and more melodic than anything Lucky 33 has put out,” says Birdslow. The band hopes to have their album out early this summer. 

Lucky 33 are no strangers to the stage. From building them to playing on them…literally. With the help of their good friend, Kaiser Solzie, the band has worked with Kevin Lyman on 2017 and 2018’s Warped Tours to create the “Corner Stage,” a 100% DIY stage at Warped tour to showcase local bands. The guys built the stage from scratch, hauled it to Warped tour, and set it up for the event. “2017 was fun. It rained for like 4 hours and almost got cancelled. Then it was over 100 degrees right after. 2018 was even more fun and a lot better for us. We brought our stage again and Kevin (Lyman) actually put us up on the ‘Full Sail Stage,’ getting us up in front of a way bigger crowd. Kevin always wanted Warped Tour to be a community and we felt that,” says Leffew.

The band’s biggest show to date was opening for The Interrupters in 2017 at Montage Music Hall in Rochester, New York. They’ve played shows with bands, like Suicide Machines, Guttermouth, Leftover Crack, and Agent Orange just to name a few. Lucky 33 also hosts an annual punk rock BBQ with tons of amazing live local music, food, and booze. The BBQ is just a minimum of $5 donation to attend!

These guys are all about their community and scene and it shows. Consistently making whatever aspect of their scene affordable and available to fans really says something. From opening their own studio for growing artists to bringing a DIY stage to Warped tour, Lucky 33 is always going above and beyond to keep the scene alive and well.

After their album drops, Lucky 33 will be making their way to Tyrone, Pennsylvania for the very first Camp Punksylvania. “This is basically an outlet for us smaller bands, a megaphone so to speak. I think one of the most important things punk rock has taught me is that we are all on a level playing field, you know? There isn’t any room for that rockstar bullshit,” states Birdslow, “I’m excited to play with these bands and explore some new music.”

Be sure to follow Lucky 33 on Facebook for updates on the album, shows and more! You can listen to Lucky 33 here on Bandcamp!

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