In Rear-View: 65 Million Beers Ago by Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs

Back in 2010, two friends from the Pittsburgh area hung out one night while playing an acoustic guitar and drinking cheap beer. They wrote and recorded a couple songs, but their project was left on

Back in 2010, two friends from the Pittsburgh area hung out one night while playing an acoustic guitar and drinking cheap beer. They wrote and recorded a couple songs, but their project was left on hold until they eventually put a band together. After playing a couple shows, they almost went extinct. Fast forward to 2017 when this goofy group returned with a lineup change and began working on new material. Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs currently consists of Zach Polovchik on vocals, Jon Stefaniak on guitar, keys, and vocals, Chris “Trip” Treognier on bass on backup vocals, and Phil Harrold on drums, synth, and backups. The second track on this album features the sax skills of Roger Romero. 

These guys are super fun and I’ve been following them in the Pittsburgh scene after I interviewed Trip when he played with The Burnrides. He is also the bassist for almost every other punk band in the area. Maybe not quite, but pretty close. Funded largely by crowdsourcing, 65 Million Beers Ago recently became available on vinyl. The guys printed a wide array of colors and purchasers were given them at random. It just so happens, that the girls of Punksylvania all got purple. This caused much celebration at headquarters (and probably was not so random….Thanks, Jon.) All 11 songs on the album are about dinosaurs. Yup. Dinosaurs. 

“Earl Sinclair (What a Guy)” stomps into the room with the weight of a stegosaurus. Hard, fast, and in your face, it plays as a Friday evening in junior high. Since we were still too young to raise hell, we sat at home, eating pizza, and watching FGIF with friends. This song literally illustrates the entire series of the sitcom, Dinosaurs. I didn’t remember much about the cheesy show based on a working class family of enormous reptiles until listening to this track. It all came back to me and made me nostalgic. 

Giving me ska punk vibes, “Intergalactic Reptilian Shredders” had me twisted. Lyrics fire so rapidly in the beginning that I thought that it may be spanish for a second to match its Cali sound. It wasn’t, but no worries. Once I honed in, it tells a silly story about alien dinosaurs coming to Earth. Crazy guitar riffs are given throughout the entire song and it never slows. My whole house was dancing. 

I once dated a guy that called me ‘velociraptor’ when I got mad and I hated it at the time. But I’ve since accepted it and now she’s my dinosaur. So I may be a bit biased when it comes to the song, “Clever Girl.” Harrold flies on his kit in the beginning and rarely slows down throughout. Combine this with a roaring guitar, hilarious Jurassic Park-esque lyrics, and a slamming bass line and you have my favorite song on the album. 

“Roar” is worth mentioning cos it allows you to catch your breath a second. But it’s an acoustic number only at first. We all remember those angsty moments that we spent as teenagers and this song highlights just that. Only from the point of view of a T-Rex. My only complaint is that I think that the chorus harmonies could be a bit tighter, but the message of the song is the best. “With your roar you can do anything.” 

The LP ends with a fun song called “Raptors 1999BC.” Mainly a tune about a bunch of raptors dropping acid. Just your typical after school special, you know. This hard hitter is a cautionary tale of what can happen and leads to the ultimate decision of never doing drugs again. Fancy guitar work fades out, bringing us to the end. Just like our large reptile friends. 

I had a great time listening to this album and got my kids into it too. My oldest daughter even spent the evening drawing and painting the album cover on a canvas, with a small alteration cos she “isn’t allowed to say the baddest of the bad words.” Head over to Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs’ Facebook page, IG, and buy their album. Maybe looking into following @weekendzach as well. You never know what you will see…..

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