In Rear-View – Scared Straight: A Columbus Tribute to the New Bomb Turks by Kanan

I will never turn down an opportunity to listen and experience a new band. There are so many amazing active bands in the scene, and it is almost impossible to listen to them all. This

I will never turn down an opportunity to listen and experience a new band. There are so many amazing active bands in the scene, and it is almost impossible to listen to them all. This compilation, entitled Scared Straight: A Columbus Tribute to New Bomb Turks, allowed me to experience multiple bands at the same time, and all toward a good cause – the Columbus, Ohio music scene. That’s right, one hundred percent of the proceeds from this album are going toward the venue Ace of Cups in Columbus, Ohio. 

New Bomb Turks (Matt Reber, Eric Davidson, Jim Weber, and Sam Brown) have just celebrated the 30th anniversary of their formation, and Music in Motion Rocks thought it would be a perfect idea to pay homage in a slightly different way. Nothing too unconventional, Music in Motion Rocks decided to hand pick each song for the twelve participating local bands. Released on Cat Club Records, each song on this 12-track compilation brings stylistically contrasting songs to the table, while not straying too far from the originals. 

The album opens with “Pretty Lightning” by The Villaintinos, a song that is noticeably paced faster than the original. This is a fantastic track to begin with, as it exudes energy that one would want from a punk compilation. 

The second track, “The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still” by The McIans, has the most interesting intro, but surprises listeners with the direction the song actually takes. 

The third track, “Id Slips In” bursts in with an electronic intro, and massive amounts of distortion. The backing vocals and screams added a nice layer, which makes this track by Wandering Stars stand out in a different way.

“Let’s Dress Up the Naked Truth” by Bloodthirsty Virgins, is the fourth song on this compilation. It catches listeners attention with a long, drawn out intro, complete with an abundant amount of piano. 

“Professional Againster”, the fifth song on this album, has a classic rock n’ roll sound, reminiscent of artists from the 1950’s. Shorty Allen proves that musicians can do a cover song justice, all the while having fun. 

The sixth track, “My Hopes are Copacetic” by Ruinr, definitely stood out due to the wailing, passionate vocals layered on top of fuzzy instrumentals. This track was probably my personal favorite on the whole compilation. 

The seventh song, “I Want My Baby…Dead?!” is a noticeably soulful track, very reminiscent of the soft rock of the 1990’s. Lizard McGee brings that nostalgia in full force, and those listening will definitely pick up on that. 

“Aspirin Aspirations”, a song filled with all of the folk punk vibes, struck a chord with me (no pun intended) from the get-go. There’s something very comforting about a nice folk punk tune, and the eighth song on this record, by The Goldsberrys, did just that. 

The ninth track, “Last Lost Fight” starts out with a smooth acoustic intro, and then flows into somewhat of a contorted post intro with soul. The light electric guitar in the background adds some nice contrast to this reimagined song, by Hell Fire Sinners.

“Point A to Point Blank”, the tenth song, by Lustkill, did not stray too far from the original, a very classic skate punk track. 

“Veronica Lake”, by The Molars, is the eleventh song on this compilation. Listeners will really enjoy the classic rock feel of this track, and the comforting familiarity found in the vocalist’s tone. 

The final track on this compilation, “Wrest Your Hands”, by The Typical Johnsons, is a wonderful choice as the closer. This song includes rousing pianos frantically played all over this song, as well as enthusiasm in every word sung.

This compilation really showcased each band’s unique talents. Between having the songs pre-selected for them, as well as putting their own diverse twist, it really proves that these bands deserve more recognition than they are probably receiving. New Bomb Turks are hopefully very proud of their accomplishments, as well as the band’s efforts to pay tribute to their work. I hope everyone enjoyed this compilation as well, and that the Columbus, Ohio music scene still thrives. 

Additional Credits –

Producer: Rick Gethin

Mastering: Eric French

Album cover image: Chad Kessler

Album cover artwork: Rick Gethin/Music in Motion Rocks

Music in Motion Rocks & Cat Club Records, 2020.

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