Meet Terry

Growing up in a remote community in Northern Ontario, I grew up listening to country and whatever was playing as part of the top 40 on the radio. My punk rock journey started by listening to Green Day’s Dookie that my uncle had brought over from the city. I was immediately hooked. Although difficult to find records anywhere near my vicinity, I managed to purchase a couple NOFX, Propagandhi and Pennywise albums. The grittiness combined with its message and harmonic melodies drew me in and never let me go. One can describe it as finding a diamond in the rough, the world finally made sense. Punk made my heart race, gave me goosebumps, it was music I could feel.

These days I live in Southern Ontario and enjoy going to shows when I can. I currently work as a Procedure Writer and am the editor for the Punksylvania Punkcast, as well as Event Scheduler and Technical Producer for Punksylvania.

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